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Information about free COVID 19 tests for our guests, mask obligation and minimum distance

Updated: Oct 25

We ask you to arrive at our David Suites and David Appartements

- a valid negative COVID 19 test (not older than 48 hours at check-in)

- or vaccination certificate

- or recovered certificate

in advance (at the latest before entering the accommodation) to send to our e-mail address david.mauterndorf@gmail.com in well-readable form.

This proof is required for all persons who enter the property. The only exception is children under 10 years.

In the event that you arrive from foreign countries, these evidence should also be presented at border crossing.


At least 2 meters distance to other persons, with the exception of persons from the common household or fellow travelers from the common residential unit.


Enter a FFP2 protective mask in generally accessible areas.

Exempted are children until the age of 6 or persons, which can not be considered for health reasons.

Children up to 14 years must wear a mouth nose protection.

Free test options with 24 hours validity

Test road

Test roads are in the district 2: one in the Folkehael St. Michael and quarantine Tamsweg in the Wöltinger Straße 14

Registration is required and opening times under:

Salzburg tests https://anmeldung.salzburg-testetet.at/#/public/rapid-test-self- Registration

or via the hotline 0800/220 330

Self-test valid for 24 hours

(chargeable from 1.11.2021)

The procedure summarized:

Stick the QR code on the test I Carry out a scan I The mask for entering personal data opens I Carry out a front nasal swab I Waiting time 15 minutes I Enter the result in the app I

a “Continue” is given and the test result can be uploaded via camera / photo I certificate valid for 24 hours

The test as well as the input into the app are to be carried out independently by the guests.

The app under which the tests are to be entered is called “Self-test RK Salzburg” and can be downloaded from the “Apple App Store” and “Google Play Store”. Stand 17.05.21, Quellen: https://www.sozialministerium.at/Informationen-zum-Coronavirus/Coronavirus---Haeufig-gestellte-Fragen/FAQ-Oesterreich-testet.html

,http://www.mauterndorf.salzburg.at/Ueberwachte_Selbsttests_in_Mauterndorf_ab_19_Mai_2021 ,


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