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Clear access rules - From May 19, 2021 things will finally start again

Dear friends and guests,

It's finally official, from May 19, 2021 the David Apartments and David Suites will finally be able to reopen after a long wait and fear, of course we are delighted with all of our hearts. Gastronomy and leisure facilities are also there for you again.

Bild Quelle: Ferienregion Salzburger Lungau

In a nutshell:

- Access for vaccinated, tested or recovered people. -> Proof is required in any case. Proof of the supervisor applies to children under 10 years of age.

- Only one proof is required for the entire stay (at check-in).

- As soon as an additional service is used by the guest (wellness), a PCR test must be renewed after 3 days, an antigen test after 2 days, an antigen test for personal use with an official data acquisition system after 1 day.

FFP 2 mask must be worn in all communal areas.

(For us, this actually only applies to the ski cellar, hallway and stairwell as well as the kitchenette in the suites - unless you sit at the table with a maximum of 4 adults ...

Here is a detailed broadcast from the Austrian Federal Ministry of Tourism:

Medieninfo Oeffnungs Verordnung Klare Re
Download • 255KB

Regulations according to the ECDC card (https://www.ecdc.europa.eu/en/covid-19/situation-updates/weekly-maps-coordinated-restriction-free-movement) for risk areas:

- green / orange: free entry

- red: Entry only for tested, recovered or vaccinated people

- dark red: entry only tested, recovered or vaccinated and quarantine (free testing after 5 days)

Please note the return travel regulations from your home country. - In addition, it is currently not clear in every country whether a quarantine is necessary on the journey home or not. We will write this as soon as we know.

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